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There has been a lot of uncertainty over the past year due to COVID-19. Our work environment changes almost daily and the need to adjust, adapt and communicate is constant. To help with the communication efforts, the most-up-date information and resources have been compiled below.


INL has planned a COVID-19 vaccination program in line with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the state of Idaho. Immunization is a critical component of the national strategy to reduce COVID-19-related illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths. It’s also a strong step in society’s return to normal, ultimately leading to a return to normal operations at INL.

The Idaho COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee announced that the vaccine rollout for front-line essential workers is available with vaccinations starting Monday, March 15. Front-line workers are those who cannot telework or social distance. At INL, this includes all on-site essential workers. Following the vaccination of on-site essential workers, other essential employees such as teleworkers will then follow by age group. The state of Idaho has designated all INL employees as essential workers.

INL is now authorized to administer vaccines on-site. Those who fit the criteria above will receive information from their management team about when and where vaccination clinics will be held at their work location.

If a vaccine becomes available through another opportunity, you should take it. Don’t wait for INL to provide a vaccination for you.?

For more detailed information about INL’s vaccination program, see the internal INL Nucleus COVID-19 website

INL/BEA Employee Checklist

As BEA employees return to work at INL facilities and buildings, please review the checklist items below to make sure you are prepared.

Before returning to work:

1. Management Approval
Confirm with your manager/supervisor that you are authorized to return to work. Also confirm your work schedule and work location.
2. Trainings and Qualifications
Complete the COVID-19 Safety Training.

Confirm your training and qualifications are current by checking your Training Plan. Employees should not perform work if training has expired. Contact your directorate Training Coordinator to get up-to-date on any training qualifications that were extended or has expired.
3. Clean Computers
Clean and disinfect lab-owned computers and accessories before returning them to the lab after the teleworking period is completed.
4. Food
Consider bringing your own food and beverage. Food Services will offer breakfast and lunch options as well as limited grab-and-go selections for purchase in all cafeterias on the desert Site. To keep employees safe and promote social distancing, the seating areas in cafeterias will remain closed at this time. Dates to reopen the REC cafeterias and coffee kiosks are still under evaluation. Vending machines offer limited selection.
5. Where can I get a cloth face cover?
Contact the appropriate representative below to arrange for a cloth face covering. For CFA employees, cloth face covers are located at CFA-612. If needed, disposable face coverings are available at most temperature check stations and can be used until a washable, cloth face cover is obtained. For more information on masks, contact your manager or the appropriate point of contact listed below. You may also bring your own face mask.
Who do I contact to receive cloth face coverings?
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6. Hand Sanitizer
While limited hand sanitizer is available at most building entrances, you may want to consider bringing your own small bottle of hand sanitizer.
7. Read the lab’s Exposure Prevention Guidelines and Etiquette
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8. Consider signing the lab’s Health Pledge.
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9. Security Reminder
Piggybacking: If someone is piggybacking with you, ensure you verify their identity.
Smart card: Remove your card from the reader before leaving your computer.
Personal devices: Leave your personal electronic devices outside before entering secure spaces.
Clean desk: Remove, stow and/or lock away your Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), Official Use Only (OUO), Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and classified material before leaving your area.
Secure spaces: Ensure your area is locked and secured before leaving work.
End-of-day checks: Clear material that should be secured. Checks safes/drawers/cabinets/doors to ensure they have been secured correctly.
If you have any questions, call OPSEC (208-526-7732).

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