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Aug. 31, 2017

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INL releases new open-source software projects

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Idaho National Laboratory has released multiple new open-source software projects that are freely available to the public and open to collaboration directly with researchers and engineers outside of the laboratory. Fostering widespread distribution of this software will accelerate the adoption of these technologies within industry, and fuel innovation in other research organizations that may build on them.

All of INL’s open-source software may be acquired at no cost here, including the following recent additions to INL’s open-source software portfolio.

The Decision-support for Digester-Algae IntegRation for Improved Environmental and Economic Sustainability (DAIRIEES) was developed in collaboration with the University of Idaho and Boise State University. It is a novel treatment system to mitigate many current environmental concerns of manure management and create value-added product from manure, including bioplastics, electricity, fertilizer and animal bedding. DAIRIEES allows users to enter characteristics about a dairy farm’s manure, manure management plan and regional market. Based on these inputs, the options are analyzed in detail using data from laboratory research to determine the most efficient use of this material. You can read more about it at

The Cross-Instrument Analysis Correlation Software (CIACS), is designed to find common features in microscopic samples across various equipment, was used to perform research for the paper “Integrated fiducial sample mount and software for correlated microscopy.”

PolyPole is a highly accurate, highly efficient tool for gas diffusion models useful for modeling fuel performance, and is an underlying technique used in multiple INL projects.
The interactive simulation model Water Energy Simulation Toolset (WEST) helps users visualize impacts on water quantity and watershed quality. Operators can modify parameters such as climate change, fertilizer and other inputs to observe changes over the entire system. Potential users include those in hydroelectric power, agriculture, flood control and environmental protection.

The Landscape, Environmental Assessment Framework (LEAF) can predict crop residue and energy crop yields for various combinations of soil, climate and crop management techniques and harvesting practices. It estimates the loss of soil, carbon and nutrients to the atmosphere, the groundwater and runoff.

The Scientific & Intelligence Exascale Visualization Analysis System (SIEVAS) provides an immersive visualization framework for connecting multiple systems in real time for data science, and is useful for a wide range of applications.

The High Performance Computing Software (HPC) stack testing framework (hpcswtest) is used in the INL Scientific Computing Department to test the basic operation and integrity of an HPC Software stack and to quickly discover failures. This software is useful for many supercomputers in order to quickly find issues when installing and upgrading systems, and fix them before issues cause failures in the research being performed.

FPoliSolutions, LLC was awarded a $1 million Small Business Innovation Research grant to develop and commercialize an integrated data analysis and simulation management framework for reducing power plant operating costs. FPoliSolutions would build from INL’s open-source RAVEN technology to create an integrated data and simulation management framework for nuclear power plants’ operational cost reductions. RAVEN is a workflow engine with the capability to drive simulators and analyze the response of complex systems using machine learning algorithms. It serves as a major success story of INL’s open-source projects, allowing new industries through cooperative development of their technologies.

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