Winter and Travel Statement

Event Summary: Wreck on U.S. Highway 26 closes one lane of traffic, delays expected

Winter and Travel Statement

Idaho National Laboratory is aware of challenging road conditions across the site this afternoon. A wreck on U.S. Highway 26 has closed one lane of traffic and delays are anticipated during the evening commute. Employees may consider U.S. Highway 20 as an alternate route.

The Idaho Department of Transportation is working across U.S. Highway 26, U.S. Highway 20 and U.S. Highway 33 to clear snow drifts.

INL advises all employees in personal vehicles to use extreme caution on their commutes. Bus Operations continues to evaluate the potential for winter weather through early Thursday morning. Site travel information will be provided tomorrow morning after 4 a.m. through the Emergency Notification System.

INL is committed to employee safety and well-being while traveling to and from its facilities. Battelle Energy Alliance and Idaho Environmental Coalition employees and other contractor staff traveling to work are encouraged to drive slowly, plan for extra time, ride the bus and avoid personal vehicle travel where possible.

In anticipation of the potential for severe weather tomorrow, employees are also encouraged to take their laptops home tonight, or make sure their equipment is ready as their work situations allow.